New Year, New Color!

Every year paint companies set the color trend throughout the design industry, announcing what color is going to be featured in the New Year. For the past couple years Pantone, the most looked after for its color of the year, has chosen softer colors. Pantone brought us Greenery in 2017, a very peaceful nature-esq. green, and in 2016 dual colors Rose Quartz and Serenity, a pale pink and blue. But for 2018 Pantone is straying from the soft colors and is going bold with Ultra Violet.

Ultra Violet has plenty to offer for all décor styles. Being that it is a color with both blue and red tones, it can be paired with many palettes. If your style leans more toward cooler tones you can accent Ultra Violet to rooms with blues, grays, and other neutrals. Ultra Violet also works perfectly in warmer rooms, with reds and gold you can achieve more glam, for those of us who prefer a more vibrant look.



Coinciding with Pantone’s statement color, other bigwig paint companies also ignored the wimpy colors for 2018. Sherman Williams presented us with Oceanside, a “marine inspired” blue with tones of both green and blue. Being that many of us have blue decor, Oceanside is the perfect blue to add out-of-the-box color to our homes. Oceanside could be the perfect statement piece— a front door, a chair, and more.




Benjamin Moore gave us Caliente, a beautiful warm red as their color for 2018. For me, red is a classic color, and a primary color that fits nearly in every room. Caliente is vibrant without being too much to look at. Add a Caliente accent to rustic or farmhouse design to make a room pop, or a modern design to add warmth. Again, this color can fit many styles and many color palettes.




Whether it Ultra Violet, Oceanside or Caliente the design world is inspiring bold change for 2018. Be it in an accent or a whole room, add a pop of color to your home it may just be what you’ve been looking for.


Thanks for reading!