Have a Blue, Blue, Blue Christmas

According to surveys, when asked our favorite color, 44% of us say blue. I personally suspect that percentage is much higher based on my clients’ requests. I honestly can’t tell you the last time blue was not the first color mentioned when asked color preferences for a new design project.

Ok, maybe gray was named first, but you know what I mean!

So, for those of us that already live in homes filled with our favorite color, why not make holiday decorating simple and easy, and stick with the color we love. Wrapping presents in navy paper and ribbons while adding touches of gold, silver and white looks festive and beautiful under the Christmas tree.


Decorate in the shades of blue that work for your home, from navy to aqua— creating a blue Christmas is easy to achieve. This tablescape uses an aqua blue table runner with silver reindeer ornaments and white candle holders to create a refined and calm look.



Adding blue accents throughout your home, like table runners, holiday pillows, or a Santa dressed in your favorite shades of blue are effortless ways to create the peacefulness of a blue Christmas. Decorating your tree with blue, silver, gold and whites bulbs, strung with white lights is the crowning touch to bring your blue Christmas all together.

Shop some beautiful handmade blown glass ornaments to achieve the tranquility of a blue Christmas here


Thanks for reading, and happy holidays!