Have a Blue, Blue, Blue Christmas

According to surveys, when asked our favorite color, 44% of us say blue. I personally suspect that percentage is much higher based on my clients’ requests. I honestly can’t tell you the last time blue was not the first color mentioned when asked color preferences for a new design project.

Ok, maybe gray was named first, but you know what I mean!

So, for those of us that already live in homes filled with our favorite color, why not make holiday decorating simple and easy, and stick with the color we love. Wrapping presents in navy paper and ribbons while adding touches of gold, silver and white looks festive and beautiful under the Christmas tree.


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Have Yourself a Very Scandinavian Christmas

During the holiday season, I want my home to feel warm and festive without going overboard. I’ve noticed for the past few years as I unpack and go through the assorted decorations that I’ve accumulated over the years, that I have become very selective about what decorations I actually use. I prefer to stick with one style so my home is decorated but put together and done simply. For me, the style that I’ve come to love is Scandinavian inspired design. This style is perfect for minimalists, those that like a more playful look, and for the more traditional decorators alike. A Scandinavian inspired Christmas offers something for every taste.

Scandinavian décor is many things— it is known for its soft color palette, soft lighting, and fine lines which makes for a very quiet serene look. This room uses mostly grays creams and whites. Layering in various textures for interest like the faux fur throw, cowhide, and embellished deer pillows. Adding in additional white, glass, and bleached wood accessories for a cozy feel. The woven metallic gold toned ornaments in the glass vase, and the beading and detailed stitch work on the deer pillow gives a nod to more traditional or classic tastes.

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These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Year after year I try to come up with fresh gift ideas for my friends and family. This year, instead of worrying about finding the right size, or in lieu of those gift cards we find ourselves reverting back to every holiday season, check out some of these very special homey items on my favorite things list. You just might find inspiration while searching for the perfect gift for the ones on your shopping list.

1. The Everyday Co.’s  24” Navy Windowpane Pillow/Mama

What’s great about this oversized pillow is that its windowpane pattern can fit in many different spaces. Its denim chambray cotton outside and down feather insert makes it the perfect pillow for lounging. As a bonus, it comes in different sizes. Visit The Everyday Co.’s Holiday Pop-Up-Shop at 19 Drydock Ave. Boston, and/or their studio. See their website for hours.

Find it here: http://www.theeverydaynapkin.co/throw-pillows/navy-windowpane-linen-mama#more-info

2. Jill Rosenwald’s Sprout Water Pitcher

Part of Jill Rosenwald’s Field Notes collection— these pitchers are a real eye catcher and a great accent piece for any table. Hand-made to order here in Boston, and it comes in endless colors!

Find it here: https://www.jillrosenwald.com/collections/round-hill/products/sprout-water-pitcher

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The Thanksgiving Table

The holidays are just around the corner, and by around the corner I mean Thanksgiving is this Thursday! Every year I find that autumn and the holidays sneak up on me and I am always rushing around trying to shop, do all the seasonal activities, and of course decorate for each festivity.

Decorating for Halloween and Christmas are pretty straightforward: pumpkins, haystacks, and spooky ornamentation; Christmas trees, Santa’s, and ornaments galore. Even though Thanksgiving is just as celebrated as the rest, I find that it’s the more humble of the holidays—when it comes to decorating. Primarily, the table is the essential focus of the Thanksgiving gathering.

And while the table is the highlight of the holiday, it doesn’t mean you have to come up with a extravagant arrangement. I find that keeping things simple can be just as cozy and elegant, and can be put together on short notice without hurting your wallet.

Keep simple items on hand that can be dressed up or down for any occasion. White dinnerware can be used everyday and for special gatherings. Neutral toned table runners and table clothes are the perfect backdrop for your table. Inexpensive burlap is not only great for a rustic feel, but can also be incorporated in a more elegant table setting. Simple white candles: pillar; tea-light; etc., all add warmth and give you that feeling of cheer we all yearn for during the holidays. Pair these simple items with some evergreen trimmings and small gourds from your local garden center, and your table will feel simply cheerful.


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