Dated Kitchen Makeover

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, where family and friends gather to eat, drink, and spend quality time together. So naturally when it comes time for a remodeling project, a kitchen update is at the top of the list.

Personal style is a huge factor when it comes to renovating any room, but in designing a new kitchen, function is key. This dark outdated kitchen is a good size as is the dining space, but with the wall dividing them both areas felt cramped and isolated.









To make the most of the space, we took out the wall between the two rooms to create an open floor plan. This allowed the natural light from the sliding glass door to  brighten up the entire space along with the addition of triple pane windows over the kitchen sink.



Adding classic white shaker cabinets, subway tile, neutral granite counters, and hardwood floors transformed a dark kitchen into a bright and airy space.



The peninsula really maximized function by adding additional storage, and creating a large prep area and counter seating.



Lastly, we added a dining banquette to carry the cabinetry look into the dining space. Now the dining table isn’t directly in front of the slider allowing for easier access to the back deck. So, as everyone gravitates to the kitchen, as they do, there’s plenty of room for a cook or two, as well as for gathering.

Before                                                                               After







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Light Up Your Life

The coming of a New Year brings the desire for change of some sort in our homes. But change doesn’t always have to be a lofty or expensive one. Many of us simply don’t have the time or money to take on a large project, but small updates can make a dramatic change to that room that needs a little sprucing up. A great way to add more character, or give your room that needed update is with new lighting fixtures.

Changing your lighting fixture can help you achieve a completely new look for the space. Using fixtures that incorporate rope and various metals will give a nautical vibe to the space.



These pendant lights can also create a rustic charm if that’s more your style.

A popular trend and easily attainable look is farmhouse design. White kitchens accented with contrasting black fixtures, like an industrial style bowl pendant perfects the look. If the stark black and white contrast isn’t your thing, choose other painted colors or metal finishes of your liking.

This bowl pendant from wayfair has the perfect farmhouse look.



If your taste is more transitional, lighting fixtures with clean lines and sleek profiles will work great in your space. Drum pendants work well in many areas from foyers, bedrooms, living and dining areas.

This drum light from Restoration Hardware  would fit anywhere with its clean lines, and round profile.



The best part about updating your lighting fixtures is that is doesn’t have to break the bank.  You can find beautiful fixtures at every price point. It might be just what you need to see your room in a new light.

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New Year, New Color!

Every year paint companies set the color trend throughout the design industry, announcing what color is going to be featured in the New Year. For the past couple years Pantone, the most looked after for its color of the year, has chosen softer colors. Pantone brought us Greenery in 2017, a very peaceful nature-esq. green, and in 2016 dual colors Rose Quartz and Serenity, a pale pink and blue. But for 2018 Pantone is straying from the soft colors and is going bold with Ultra Violet.

Ultra Violet has plenty to offer for all décor styles. Being that it is a color with both blue and red tones, it can be paired with many palettes. If your style leans more toward cooler tones you can accent Ultra Violet to rooms with blues, grays, and other neutrals. Ultra Violet also works perfectly in warmer rooms, with reds and gold you can achieve more glam, for those of us who prefer a more vibrant look.



Coinciding with Pantone’s statement color, other bigwig paint companies also ignored the wimpy colors for 2018. Sherman Williams presented us with Oceanside, a “marine inspired” blue with tones of both green and blue. Being that many of us have blue decor, Oceanside is the perfect blue to add out-of-the-box color to our homes. Oceanside could be the perfect statement piece— a front door, a chair, and more.




Benjamin Moore gave us Caliente, a beautiful warm red as their color for 2018. For me, red is a classic color, and a primary color that fits nearly in every room. Caliente is vibrant without being too much to look at. Add a Caliente accent to rustic or farmhouse design to make a room pop, or a modern design to add warmth. Again, this color can fit many styles and many color palettes.




Whether it Ultra Violet, Oceanside or Caliente the design world is inspiring bold change for 2018. Be it in an accent or a whole room, add a pop of color to your home it may just be what you’ve been looking for.


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Have a Blue, Blue, Blue Christmas

According to surveys, when asked our favorite color, 44% of us say blue. I personally suspect that percentage is much higher based on my clients’ requests. I honestly can’t tell you the last time blue was not the first color mentioned when asked color preferences for a new design project.

Ok, maybe gray was named first, but you know what I mean!

So, for those of us that already live in homes filled with our favorite color, why not make holiday decorating simple and easy, and stick with the color we love. Wrapping presents in navy paper and ribbons while adding touches of gold, silver and white looks festive and beautiful under the Christmas tree.


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Have Yourself a Very Scandinavian Christmas

During the holiday season, I want my home to feel warm and festive without going overboard. I’ve noticed for the past few years as I unpack and go through the assorted decorations that I’ve accumulated over the years, that I have become very selective about what decorations I actually use. I prefer to stick with one style so my home is decorated but put together and done simply. For me, the style that I’ve come to love is Scandinavian inspired design. This style is perfect for minimalists, those that like a more playful look, and for the more traditional decorators alike. A Scandinavian inspired Christmas offers something for every taste.

Scandinavian décor is many things— it is known for its soft color palette, soft lighting, and fine lines which makes for a very quiet serene look. This room uses mostly grays creams and whites. Layering in various textures for interest like the faux fur throw, cowhide, and embellished deer pillows. Adding in additional white, glass, and bleached wood accessories for a cozy feel. The woven metallic gold toned ornaments in the glass vase, and the beading and detailed stitch work on the deer pillow gives a nod to more traditional or classic tastes.

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