Quatrefoil speaks to me. it’s one of my favorite graphic designs. Is it the symmetry, the softness of the semicircles creating the pattern, the timeless appeal? Or all the above.

Quatrefoil Quatrefoil Pillow

Quatrefoil designs have appeared cross culturally since ancient times.

  • In Celtic culture the quatrefoil symbolizes “the wheel of being” and is seen as a symbol of good luck-as in a four leaf clover.
  • In Native American culture, the four leaves symbolize the four ends of the earth, North, South,East and West.
  • For Christians it represents the cross, or the four gospels
  • The design was first used with Marine officers on sailing ships so that Marine sharpshooters in the rigging did not shoot their own officers on the deck during close-quarters gun battles. (as when crews of opposing ships attempted to board each other’s ship).




Quatrefoil lighting Quatrefoil Mirored Panel
Quatrefoil Miror Quatrefoil Tray
Quatrefoil Window Shades Quatrefoil Tile
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